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MIss Glamour International Canada 2021

Aiona believes every talent, gift, and skill is created within each person to serve and help
others. As a hard-working individual with great initiative, she takes those skills wherever she
goes. Having founded her non-profit organization, "The Vision Movement," combines her passion for art and humanitarian aid by organizing fundraisers, campaigns, workshops, and initiatives to support different causes, including mental health.
With a strong belief in her dreams and aspirations, she will continue to strive for success and help people worldwide. Aiona Santana is a multifaceted artist, model, actress, vocalist, and songwriter, finishing her Bachelor of Music degree in Voice, with a Minor in Arts Management and a Minor in Business at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.
Aiona Santana wrote and released her first album titled "Invicta," which means invincible in
Latin. The songs are a mix of English and Spanish. Aiona tells the story of someone with
dreams, striving to succeed in the entertainment industry, and seeking to inspire others with her music. This album received two nominations at the Latin Awards Canada 2020 for Best New Artist and Best Pop Music Artist, winning the award in the category of "The Best NewArtist."
Aiona's passion for performing does not stop at music. In 2019 she competed in Miss
Universe Canada and won Miss Eco Teen Canada 2019, representing Canada in Egypt. In
August 2020, Aiona competed at Miss World Canada, winning the: "Head to Head
The challenge," placing top 3 in "Talent Competition," she placed Top 6 in the "Beauty With APurpose" project, and she ended up placing top 8th at finals.
After that, she acquired the national title of "Miss Glamour Canada 2021," opening her
doors to another International experience traveling to Mexico by May 2021.

Her passion for humanitarian aid and giving back is why she decided to found her non-
profit organization focused on envisioning a better world and making that vision a reality. It

reflects Aiona Santana's platform, which is an inspiration for those struggling to become their
best selves. Aiona looks forward to motivating those who believe their dreams are
impossible or unattainable and show them that anything is possible.
Aiona has faced quite a few obstacles in her life, but what has gotten her through them
was following her dreams and working hard while always doing what she loves most. In her
mind, there are no limitations to how big your dreams and goals can be; she believes that if you can dream it, you can be it.
Her training will focus on every aspect and section of the competition dedicating an
adequate amount of time to each one. Aiona plans on taking steps every day of her path
towards Miss Glamour International to ensure she is the most well prepared to take on this
international stage and make her country Canada proud.

You can follow her journey on her personal Instagram page: @aionasantana and @missglamourcanada