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Paola Ortiz


With over ten years of experience in Fashion, Makeup, Esthetics, Public Relations, Marketing,  and MINDFULNESS education with CALA institute, Paola took her assets to the next level. Working with agencies, photographers, models, and beauty pageants all these past years, she decided to found -Point A Agency-Reinas Canada as a temple for talents development, with the principle of mental health and mindset as the core value of the organization.


Silvia Guimarey

Pageant Coach - Montreal

Silvia is a Venezuelan-Canadian coach for the most prestigious beauty pageants in Canada. Her extensive experience acquired since she was thirteen years old in modeling, acting, dramatic arts, and her intensive education in etiquette and glamour in London, the United Kingdom, make Silvia one of Canada's most qualified coaches. We are very proud to have her in our roster of educators. 


Andres Rodriguez

Video Production Director

Andres is our talented video engineer, and he is in charge of our show production. He has more than ten years of experience in video, digital programming, and design. He is currently the Director of North Tv News, the most important digital Spanish channel in Canada. 

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Keysi Sayago

National Runway Coach 

Former Miss Venezuela 2016 and Top 5 Miss Universe 2017. Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical engineer. An activist in social services focused on feeding street people in Venezuela, through civil organizations, also volunteer in Fetch and Release as a foster parent. Runway Coach and owner of Panthera Collection by NOGU. TV host of the Venezuelan TV show "Beyond Beauty" in its tenth edition.

Internacional Model in differents important fashion events in Canada and carrying out campaigns for Canadian designers.

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Romero Dee Cruz

Virtual Fitness Coach 

Romeo has been in the Personal Training field for about seven years.  After years of being a video game addict, he didn't realize the amount of weight he had put on and how it impacted his mental health, he determined that he needed to change his lifestyle. It wasn’t easy, It was never easy till he started making it a lifestyle. 
His experience allows him to relate to the challenges people encounter through their fitness journey. Being a certified Personal Trainer, his passion is to help people to achieve their health goals. He strives to guide you through a new lifestyle in a way that is most convenient and sustainable for you.


Bebsabe Duque

Acting, Public Speaking 

Venezuelan-Colombian actor and professional model based in Toronto, Canada.

Her multiple performances in film, tv, and commercials have led her to become a content creator and influencer.


Bebsabe is strongly recognized for her remarkable work in more than 20 soap operas in Latin America, 

Some of the Films and theatre works are available on Netflix Latam.

In the modeling field, Bebsabe's most recent worldwide commercial campaigns are about to be released, not only on TV but on digital platforms.


Karina Da Rocha

Fitness Coach 

Karina Da Rocha is a professional Fitness Trainer, Model, Professional Dancer, and Zumba Instructor, from Caracas Venezuela. She participated in various Fitness Competitions, winning first place on three of them. Her extensive experience and passion for fitness are making Karina another valuable asset to our organization. 


Nathalia De La Roche

Fashion and Styling Coach


Nathalia graduated from Toronto Film School in 2019. She had collaborated in various fashion projects for Magazine Editorials, Tv-Shows, and creating National Costumes for some delegates from Miss Universe Canada. 

She is supporting our team with her fresh point of view on Fashion and Styling. 


Eric Moniz

Lead Photographer


Eric Moniz is a Toronto-based photographer who's love for music brought him into the world of photography. What started as a weekend gig shooting DJs, turned into a full-time career capturing some of Toronto’s top artists and entrepreneurs. Eric never shies away from an event, but his true passion is portraits. Capturing the character of a person in a photograph is what inspires him. The people he discovers through a lens are what fuels him every day.

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